Courageous Influence (Jul 2021)

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The world tells you that your influence only reaches as far as your social media followers. But the Bible shows you how God can use you right where you are to be an influence for the kingdom. This six-session study helps you see how much influence you can have in your world as you embrace your God-given strengths. In today’s social media-saturated world, the word influence conjures up images of beautifully curated Instagram feeds or women who lead from the stage and have thousands of followers. It’s measured by the number of likes and shares and how well we can get people to imitate us. Influence has almost become synonymous with fame and power, and if we’re honest, many of us long to have it. But in its purest form, influence is simply the capacity to affect change on someone. It is the ability to impact others for a certain purpose. And from a biblical perspective, influence is the right and responsibility of everyone who follows Christ. Courageous Influence will guide you in the journey of living the impact you were made to have through this six-session study. Let’s turn the world’s idea of influence on its head and become the courageous women of influence God calls us to be.

Courageous Influence (Jul 2021)