Extreme Gratitude

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Gratitude comes from the idea of grace, “grata” in Latin. Grace is the “unmerited love and favor of God toward man.” So, gratitude is “a feeling of thankful appreciation for favors or benefits received.” Thanks is “the expression of gratitude; grateful acknowledgment of something received by or done for one.” In Extreme Gratitude, Rick lays a foundation of: -the extreme (“exceeding abundantly”) grace we have received -the extreme God (Creator and Sustainer of all that is, yet willing to take on human form to restore –the relationship we broke with Him) Who has blessed us – the extreme life He enables us to live (beyond the righteousness of the religious) -the extreme compass of His purpose (to use all things to bring glory to Himself, and mold us in the image of Christ) Rick challenges Christians to respond with the extreme thanks that His lavish grace deserves from us (giving thanks always for all things). “As a human being giving thanks can be the most difficult thing, we do. Giving thanks to God in every experience in life is one of the most important indicators of spiritual maturity. This book will give reasons for giving thanks, examples of giving thanks, and results for giving thanks. You will read many real-life experiences and find a sure scriptural foundation for being a thankful person. As you finish the book and read his conclusion, you will find yourself better equipped to give thanks in all things. You will be thankful that you can give thanks.”-Jim Hylton, Staff Pastor, Northwood Church, Keller, Texas

Extreme Gratitude

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