Odyssey of Grace Part One

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“In the Odyssey of Grace series, Cy Mersereau invites you to join him as he travels through the twenty-seven books of the New Testament. In this series, each book of the New Testament is summarized, with special consideration given to topics of common, and sometimes controversial, interest. The journey begins with the coming of Christ in the four Gospels, then threads its way through the epistles and ends with Revelation, where time dissolves into the eternal state. Along the way, the reader will encounter adventure, history, theology, advice for practical Christian living, and become acquainted with some of the more fascinating personalities of the early church. The author of each book has his own style, his own emphasis, and his own story that is part of the larger story of Jesus Christ and the redemption he purchased for us on Calvary two thousand years ago. Some of the topics covered here include: – Prophetical insights from believers of various backgrounds on the book of Revelation. – The hotly contested miracle of Jesus turning water into wine. – Judas, his betrayal of Christ, and how and when he died. – A discussion of the book of Philemon to address the question of whether the Bible promotes slavery. – A comprehensive look into why the Gospel of Mark has so many endings and which is the right one. Join in on the conversation as Cy discusses these questions, and so many more!”

Odyssey of Grace Part One

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