This Beautiful Truth (Jun 2021)

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Author and blogger shares the story of her battle with mental health, inviting you to cultivate beauty even in dark seasons and empowering you to live as an agent of God’s hope and goodness amidst suffering. We live in a broken world. Amid the daily realities of sickness and isolation, disappointment and pain, it can be profoundly difficult to grasp the real goodness of God. But this is where God breaks into our darkness with beauty. In the wonder of creation, in art or film, story or song, in the kindness of his people and the good they create, God breaks into our pain in a tangible way, teaching us to trust his kindness and hope for his healing. Beauty is a voice singing into our suffering, beckoning us toward restoration. In This Beautiful Truth, Sarah Clarkson shares her own encounters with beauty in the midst of her decade-long struggle with mental illness, depression, and doubt. In a voice both vulnerable and reflective, she paints a compelling picture of the God who reaches out to us in a real and powerful way through the “taste and see” goodness of what he has made and what he continues to create amid our darkness. “To recognize and trust God’s gift in pain,” she writes, “empowers us to create and love as powerful witnesses to God’s healing love in a hopeless world.” If you want to renew your capacity to recognize and encounter God’s beauty in your life, this hope-filled book will show you the way.

This Beautiful Truth (Jun 2021)